ABOUT US armynews.in was launched in 2016, when Reporting on Defence related issues was not considered much prominence in Mainstream Indian Media. Idea behind was to bring all coverage from mainstream media to one stop destination that lead to the creation of idrw.org, our focus was also to counter Biased and Negative reporting done by certain section of National and International agencies . Over the years thanks to our regular visitors, idrw.org have grown to become oldest and also most trusted Indian Defence News portals visited by all section of people who have an interest in Defence matters. While Our focus remains on the matter concerning Indian Defence forces, we also make effort to cover Important News-break related to Global and Regional matters. Research and Sources ” We Lead others follow ” is our Mantra, many portals who cover Indian Military news have based many of their articles on our reports. Over the years, we have built our sources in various establishment’s and after gaining their trust we have provided Reliable information way before National media could do on many key Defence projects of the country. We encourage Guest Writers Idrw.org has provided a platform for many budding Journalist to write and express their views on many Security and Defence matters, “MY Take ” Section in website is open for viewers to provide their crucial feedback’s. We are also happy to see few Succeeding in their endeavors and now working as Journalist in National News Agencies. Contact Us We all are reachable at @gmail.com for feedback, criticisms, advice’s or for any level of help. You can also follow us at our Twitter handle https://twitter.com/idrwalerts for breaking news alerts and for interacting with us.

armynews.in . Read more at India No 1 Defence News Website , Kindly don’t paste our work in other websites https://armynews.in/about/

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